Colombia Las Nubes Pink Bourbon Anaerobic 200


Flavours of pomegranate, rose petal, mandarin, vanilla and brown sugar.  

Camino Agua Negra, Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

1775 MASL

Pink Bourbon

Anaerobic 200 Washed

Claudia Samboni


At 1700 metres above sea level on the Agua Negra path within the municipality of Pitalito, Las Nubes offers spectators panoramic views with the best sunsets around. The land of Las Nubes benefits from the air currents that move up from the Laboyos valley to meet the fresh, natural reserve, helping the coffee trees to grow and mature. It is lush and green, and with the smell of vibrant, fresh coffee cherries in the air, there is no question why the locals are filled with ‘happiness by finding so much magic’.

Claudia Samboni, the producer at Las Nubes, grows several interesting varieties across the farm, including purple caturra, pacamara, yellow bourbon as well as this exceptional pink bourbon lot. Claudia explores anaerobic processing techniques to discover the full potential of flavours these cherries have to offer.

For this coffee, ripe cherries are harvested then hand floated to remove impurities and over/under-ripe cherries. The coffee remains in cherry to ferment for 100 hours in sealed tanks, then is de-pulped and returned to the sealed tanks for another 100 hours to complete the 200 hour anaerobic fermentation period. Coffee is then laid out to dry evenly until the moisture content is reduced to 10-12%, typically taking about 12-15 days. The beans are then rested and stored in parchment until ready for export.

Las Nubes Pink Bourbon is an excellent example of a beautiful varietal, expertly processed. We found this lot equally delicious using filter brew methods or as an espresso.

We recommend the following recipes as a starting points: 

Age best used: 10-24 days after roast
Dose: 21 grams  
Brew temperature: 93.5ºC
Bar Pressure: 7.5 
Brew time: 25 - 30 sec  
Brew weight: 38 – 42 grams 
Brew Ratio: 1:2 – 1:2.1

Pour Over
Age best used: 7-24 days after roast
Brew temperature: 94ºC
20g in 280ml out (1:14)

Espresso recipe developed on a La Marzocco Linea using 20g baskets and should be taken as a starting point, not set in stone as different machines extract in different ways.

Pour Over recipe developed using Hario v60 and dry (not pre-wet) filter paper. Have fun experimenting.

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