Pour Over Brew Guide

The Pour Over method using the elegant Hario V60 is great for those looking for complete control over brewing extraction. We’ve concocted the recipe below to produce a super juicy, generous and clean result with our coffee. Have a try, experiment and have fun!


Hario V60 #2
Hario V60 #2 filter paper
Kettle & Filtered water
Stirring Device
Large Cup Decanter
Fresh KoKo coffee

  1. Bring filtered water to the boil. Thoroughly wet paper filter to get rid of any paper flavour.
  2. Weigh out 15 grams of whole bean coffee. Grind the coffee so that it’s slightly coarser than sand and add it to the filter ensuring an even bed.
  3. Place V60 over cup/decanter and place both on scales. Tare.
  4. Pull filtered water off the boil and wait till it cools to 96° (about 45-60 secs).
  5. Starting your timer, pour 50ml of water to saturate the entire coffee bed. 
  6. Allow 30 seconds for coffee to bloom then begin pouring slowly into the centre outwards in small circular motions*.
  7. Slowly pour in this continuous fashion concentrating on the 'darker bits' to ensure optimum coffee extraction. Finish your pour when you reach 320ml.
  8. Once you've finished your pour, give it a quick 'Scott Rao Stir' (optional).
  9. Your total contact time should be between 2:20 and 2:30 minutes.
  10. Swirl your decanter to aerate, serve and enjoy!

*Coffee de-gasses or ‘blooms’ when it’s fresh - the coffee bed should raise up and bubble a little. This pouring method is called ‘Riding the Bloom’ – when you pour in circular motions in the center while pushing the grounds outward.

As your coffee cools, it’s flavours and nuances will come to the fore.

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