Black tea, brown sugar, stone-fruit, cola

Lutlala Washing Station, Lebululi, Dukurai, Ermera

1400 - 1600 MASL

Timor, Typica

Fully Washed

37 Small holder farmers working with the Daurfusu Farmer Group 


This village lot is a first-class, clean and highly unique washed coffee from a small producer group in Timor-Leste. It has notes black tea, brown sugar, stone-fruit and cola making for a delicious cup!

This coffee is composed of 37 small family lots and processed separately on each of the producers’ own farms. Each family selectively handpicks their own cherry and uses a traditional, locally-produced pulper made from gum-wood and hammered tin to pulp the cherry. They then ferment the parchment in buckets or bags for about 36 hours. Parchment is dried on tarps and is raked frequently to ensure even drying.

The group is led by Simiao Pedro de Deus, who also works as lead field officer coordinating cherry delivery to the Lutlala processing station. Simiao is a highly respected figure in the community and a skilled producer. In 2019 he placed in the top-10 in a best of harvest Timor competition. He also acts as a lead farmer, educating others on best practices, and as a quality officer who checks for high quality and consistency among smallholder-produced parchment. 

For the 37 members of the Daurfusu group and their households, coffee is the primary source of income. Some families supplement their income by selling vegetables such as beans, corn, garlic or greens locally. 


We ship freshly roasted coffee Monday - Friday and aim to dispatch within 48 hours. Orders placed after midday Wednesday may not ship until the following week.  Please see our FAQ for all shipping details.

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