Bali Kintamani Kintamanis


Notes of brown sugar, banana, jackfruit + vanilla marshmallow. Rich, complex, syrupy + sweet. 

Batukaang, Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

1300-1600 MASL

Kartika, S-795

Signature Natural 



Kintamani Kintamanis; a coffee so good they named it twice (almost)! This Signature Natural is a coffee for the gods from the Island of the Gods. After proclaiming it as the best natural we tried all year, we were able to directly purchase 8 bags of this beauty and are now rapt to be able to offer it as a Special Selection. 

Bali is a coffee origin close to our hearts having lived on the island some 10 years ago working with a village just a stones throw from where this coffee is from. Kintamani possesses an ideal environment for coffee to thrive upon - the right altitude, rainfall and rich volcanic soil from Mt Batur. And in the last few years thanks to Karana, this wonderful fruit has been carefully processed to its true potential into a high end delicious cup. 

In December 2019 we visited the island and were hosted by the wonderful people at Karana. It gave us the opportunity to explore the fields, meet the farmers and their families, and cup the best coffees of the season - experiences as a coffee roaster we hold with the utmost importance and truly cherish. 
This coffee was selectively handpicked then carefully sorted and soaked, removing any 'floaters' before spending 24 hours on drying beds made from bamboo and fine wire mesh. It then was laid on concrete patios in full sun being raked multiple times during the day to ensure even drying and covered with a tarpaulin at night. When moisture reached 10% it was hulled, again sorted and rested. 

This is Karana's Signature Natural; a process perfected by refining local knowledge with modern-day specialty techniques to create this complex, unique and moreish cup. 

Roasted for filter but works a treat as a light espresso roast.
Terima kasih :)

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