Mexico Terruño Nayarita - Lucha Libre




Sweet and enticing with flavours of orange blossom and white sangria throughout. Naturally processed, it possesses a rich syrupy body with roasted hazelnut + smoky cinnamon chocolate in the finish.

Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

1150 MASL

Caturra, Typica


Grupo Terruño Nayarita

Hailing outta Nayrit in Mexico, weighing in at a hefty 250g to 1kg, it's the return we've all been waiting for... the one... the only... Luuuuuucha Liiiiiiibre!

All wrestling talk aside, the 2017/2018 coffee season was devastating for the people of Terruño Nayarita where they were hit by a huge outbreak of the fungus La Roya, also called leaf rust. It brought total production down 90% on the previous year, leaving farmers to rely on other crops for income. Extraordinarily within a year, through focusing on soil and tree health, this year’s crop was back to the levels of 16/17 - and we are very happy to be able to roast it for you!

For those of you who are new to this fantastic coffee and it's story...

We’ve named it ‘Lucha Libre’, after the much beloved sport of wrestling in Mexico. Directly translated ‘Lucha Libre’ means ‘Free Fight’ – and this is exactly what the farmers of Terruño Nayarita had to do to gain access to the soil they now call their own.

Gathered around the extinct volcano Cerro San Juan, just west of Tepic, the area was initially settled in 1910 and established as the center of a very wealthy landowners farm. After several years the wealthy landowner received petitions from his workers wanting to buy a small piece of his land to grow their own crops but time after time he refused their offer. In 1939 however, the Mexican government passed an agrarian reform resolution which allowed the formation of ‘Ejidos’ (communal pieces of land) and the following year the community was granted an endowment of 3500 hectares to form their own ‘Ejido’. Today, farmers now work this communal land together with pride to produce arguably the best coffee in Mexico - what their ancestors fought so hard for.

¡Saludos guys!


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